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038: The Truth About Postpartum Anxiety

Postpartum anxiety is almost 2-3 times more common than postpartum depression. Unfortunately, too few people know about it, talk about it or even understand it, leaving too many women to suffer in silence. That ends today. On this episode, I share with you the truth about postpartum anxiety including what signs to look for as well as 2 powerful techniques to try for quick relief.


Episode highlights...

  • Parijat recounts the journey of a former client who struggled with severe anxiety after her delivery.

  • There is so much focus on postpartum depression that it has overshadowed any attention to the issue of postpartum anxiety. Why?

  • What is more common: postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety?

  • Postpartum anxiety has real psychological and physiological effects which can be detrimental not only to recovery but how a mother is able to care for her child. Don’t let anxiety distract from how you can be a mom to your little miracle!

  • There are many risk factors that can predispose you to experiencing postpartum anxiety. Find out if you are high risk and how you can prevent it.

  • Not all anxiety is bad or abnormal. Parijat describes how to distinguish normal anxiety from postpartum anxiety.

  • Postpartum anxiety is one of the most treatable and preventable disorders. Parijat shares tips for how to quickly to get in control.

  • Parijat explains the full spectrum of postpartum anxiety.

  • Parijat discloses why you should never allow your OB/GYN doctor to treat you for postpartum anxiety.

  • We examine how postpartum anxiety is very individualized and why its effects are experienced by differently each woman. These effects can last up to 5 YEARS!

  • “I’m not feeling like myself anymore,” Parijat shares the most common symptoms of postpartum anxiety and when to seek help.

  • Did you know that postpartum anxiety is the most common pregnancy complication? Find out why you never need to feel alone in this struggle.

  • Its critical to treat the root cause and not just the symptoms of anxiety. We examine what that means and how to begin the process.

  • Listen to find out how to get access to FREE 5-MINUTE STRATEGIES to deal with anxiety.

Your mental health matters and is critical to your health and the health of your baby. There is nothing wrong with you for needing support postpartum. Speak up and you will find the support you need and deserve.

Resources from the show...

  • Personalized support to heal after a high-risk pregnancy (Apply now)

  • Get your copy of Pregnancy Brain: A Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management During a High-Risk Pregnancy (Read Now)

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You should NEVER allow your OB/GYN doctor to treat you for postpartum anxiety. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! (Tweet that!)

Postpartum Anxiety is the most common pregnancy complication? NEVER need to feel alone in this struggle! (Tweet that!)

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