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071: Why Labels Matter

The words and labels that you use during your family-building challenges matter. They inform what important anchor points define your story and they validate your experiences. The more you use them, the more others will follow. On this episode, I share with you why we should stop hiding from the terminology that makes us feel seen and heard so we can create a community of support around us as we go through the challenges and then heal after they're all over.


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Episode highlights...

  • I share with you why names and labels are more important than we realize during infertility, high-risk pregnancy, in the NICU and postpartum

  • Why I insisted that my son's NICU team use his full gestational age and not call him a 24 weeker

  • A client's story of how she her mom started using her baby's name after a miscarriage when she first didn't consider a miscarriage a true loss

  • How a friend of mine inspires me to talk about family when you've lost babies and have babies in your arms

  • A client's experience of using specific fertility terminology to highlight the struggles she went through to have her perfec