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075: Coping With Pregnancy After Loss with Christine McAlister

Experiencing a loss is heart shattering for any parent. Whether it's a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, due to prematurity, a stillbirth or any other reason, it is the hardest thing for a parent to survive. Getting pregnant again after a loss can bring up concerns about the health of the baby, fears of another loss and a tremendous distrust of your body. On this episode, Christine shares her personal experiences of pregnancy after loss, how she coped and how she turned her tragedy into personal and professional triumph.


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Episode highlights...

  • Christine shares her experience with multiple losses and how she felt after she became pregnant with a baby she carried to term

  • She opens up about experiencing antepartum depression and what she wished she had known

  • TRIGGER WARNING: Christine shares her emotional and phsyical experience learning that her daughter had died in utero at 37 weeks