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102: Coping With Pregnancy After Loss with Christine McAlister

Experiencing a loss is heartshattering for any parent. Whether it's a chemical pregnancy, miscarriage, due to prematurity, a stillbirth or any other reason, it is the hardest thing for a parent to survive. Getting pregnant again after a loss can bring up concerns about the health of the baby, fears of another loss and a tremendous distrust of your body. On this episode, Christine shares her personal experiences of pregnancy after loss, how she coped and how she turned her tragedy into personal and professional triumph.


Episode highlights...

  • Christine shares her experience with multiple losses and how she felt after she became pregnant with a baby she carried to term

  • She opens up about experiencing antepartum depression and what she wished she had known

  • TRIGGER WARNING: Christine shares her emotional and phsyical experience learning that her daughter had died in utero at 37 weeks

  • How Maeve's life and death, and the ensuing loneliness they felt, inspired Christine and her husband to start a charitable organization in her honor

  • Christine shares that her biggest fear was that Maeve would be forgotten and how that inspires her and her loved ones to use Maeve's name in daily conversation

  • She opens up about her decision to have another baby and what factors she and her husband considered before trying again

  • Why she stopped fertility treatment when they were ready to try again

  • Christine shares that she felt like a "hot mess" when she did become pregnant again and how she approached this pregnancy differently than her pregnancy with Maeve

  • How she decided who was on her prenatal care team

  • Why she wore sunglasses in the grocery store as a way to cope

  • Christine shares openly that she didn't trust her body to be able to keep her baby safe

  • What it was like to hold her baby, Fiora, after she was born

  • Why she calls Fiora an "old soul" who just "gets it"

  • Christine shares how she coped with life and also enjoyed life after Fiora's birth (HINT: somedays it was to take a shower)

  • How Maeve's death inspired Christine's attitude of unapologetically doing what she wants and how it erased her fears about others' judgments about her and her life choices

  • The insight she gained after Maeve's death about Christine's life purpose and mission

  • Christine's words of hope about how to create a life you love despite experiencing a tragedy like losing a child

  • "Strength is found in what you've survived."

  • How her experience with Maeve's passing and her pregnancy with Fiora has changed Christine's parenting style and approach

  • A reminder that grief and gratitude coexist

  • Christine's practical advice to couples who experience loss

Tragedy doesn't define you or the rest of your life. You can choose to turn that tragedy into triumph, whatever triumph means to you, while honoring your loss.

Resources from the show...

About the Guest

Christine McAlister is a business & success coach and the author of The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere. Her company, Life With Passion, helps high-achieving, motivated go-getters use their unique gifts AND challenges to quit and stay out of their 9-5 jobs, by creating and growing online businesses out of their passions. As a mom of an angel and a rainbow baby, she's also an expert on turning tragedy into triumph.

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