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105: Surviving the First Few Weeks of New Motherhood

Having a newborn home is wonderful...but so much harder than mothers expect or prepare themselves for. On this episode, I speak with birth doula and postpartum educator Adriana Lozada on exactly how you can prepare for and get through the first few weeks after delivering a baby.


Episode highlights...

  • Parijat and Adriana talk about the reality of motherhood, it's difficulties and a true to life celebrity example - Princess Kate!

  • Parijat shares the things that she wished she knew about motherhood BEFORE she became a mother.

  • Why the expression "sleep like a baby" is such a fallacy!

  • Believe it or not, it is common for new mothers to skip their daily showers just to keep up with new demanding schedule. We discuss that and other things that RADICALLY change once baby comes home.

  • It's OK to cry! Parijat explains why you will need to get used to idea that the only way your baby can communicate is through its tears.

  • Adriana shares t what inspired her to become a doula.

  • Adriana shares what her postpartum experience was like with her first child and what it was like for her waking up with the reality of being a mom.

  • The constant continuum of care that is needed for a newborn can last 4 to 8 weeks. Adriana shares strategies to adapt to the new changes.

  • How long will the physiological changes that a new mom will experience last and how can you cope with those changes?

  • What is the 72-hour depression, what's the cause and how can you combat this big downer?

  • Identity crisis! When the realization hits that you are now a mother, how do you psychologically process this change?

  • Honor the recovery and be kind to yourself. Adriana explains the ways that new mothers need to give themselves compassion and remove judgement.

  • Adriana shares her top tips and tricks for how a new couple can acclimate to the arrival of their new baby. Huge stress savers!

  • We learn why treating the first 4 weeks of postpartum as a strange vacation can completely alter your new mom experience.

It is so essential it is to plan now for the beginning of new parenthood. It will make all the difference!

Resources from the show...

About the Guest

Adriana is an advanced birth doula, an eco-maternity consultant, a postpartum educator and a child sleep consultant. She’s a bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host. All part of her quest to help people have a smoother transition into parenthood.

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