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125: The Truth About Fertility Trauma When You're Trying to Conceive

Fertility trauma is happening all around us. It’s a huge part of the journey when you’re trying to conceive. Today’s show discusses why we have to address this issue and why trauma resolution should be part of fertility treatment for everyone.


Episode highlights...

  • What is fertility trauma?

  • Why trauma is NOT always based on a single event

  • Examples of when and how fertility trauma may occur

  • Why fertility trauma is not a mental health issue, but a physiological problem

  • Health issues and inflammation that come when we don’t “come back down” from our body’s stress response

  • Why you need to understand the physiology of what your body does---and how you can help it

  • How trauma resolution can “stack the deck in your favor”

  • Why stress is NOT the cause of infertility

  • Why my clients are having fertility success when they put the puzzle pieces together

  • Retraining your body with breath work, progressive relaxation, stretching, and dropping your shoulders

  • The resulting changes that happen to the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems---all of which play a vital part in getting pregnant

You won’t have success if you address the wrong part of the healing journey at the wrong time.

Resources from the show...

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