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128: Healing After Pregnancy & Infant Loss

There are many nuances to grief. The loss of a child is extremely painful grief, but you have to trust that your body knows how to heal itself. It’s important that you reach out for support when you need professional guidance. Let’s jump into this difficult topic together.

In this episode...

  • #1 We don’t speak accurately enough about the experience of pregnancy loss and saying goodbye to a life lost too soon. [9:28]

  • #2 Grief hurts and feels awful. [11:00]

  • #3 Our body has a built-in system that knows how to heal from grief. [19:55]

  • #4 There are no stages of grief. [25:07]

  • #5 Your job is to keep your body tension-free and tightness-free. [34:15]

Grief is not a pathological condition. There is no treatment for it. You’re not broken for mourning the loss of your baby, so take all the time you need.

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