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129: Listener Q and A

I love to hear from you! I love to address your questions and concerns with Listener Q & A episodes, like today’s show. Join us as we cover several topics that are relevant to birth trauma, preemie development, postpartum depression, and the work of healing.

In this episode...

  • Dealing with the uncertainty of the development of a preemie when you aren’t sure what to expect [2:24]

  • Experiencing postpartum depression with stillbirth, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy [15:48]

  • Getting over the fear of a medical termination when you’ve gone through this before [25:33]

  • How (and to what degree) diet can help with postpartum depression [40:08]

  • The reality of full healing from birth trauma vs. “learning to cope” [51:00]

  • Healing work is lifelong work that requires an ongoing commitment [55:26]

*You CAN let go of birth trauma without knowing the outcome. Peace is not elusive for you. You can find peace NOW, even when the future is uncertain. Nervous system regulation is the missing piece that you need!

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