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137: The Power of You - The Final Episode

With the technology boom, patients and clients now have access to the same information as medical professionals. As beneficial as technology can be, the drawback is that we find conflicting messages that don’t help us when we are scared and overwhelmed with caring for our child. Join me for this final episode of the Delivering Miracles podcast as we discuss stress, the nervous system, and the necessity of rest and repair.

In this episode...

  • A quote on social media about stress and infertility--and why it makes my blood boil [4:50]

  • Stress is a set of physiological chain reactions when your brain and nervous system perceive a threat [8:20]

  • We are far more stressed out than our ancestors were, and we stay in survival mode without opportunities for the necessary rest and repair [14:05]

  • The whole point of the body’s stress response system is to keep you alive [18:50]

  • Stress doesn’t cause infertility, but it is a huge piece of the puzzle [28:11]

  • Delivering Miracles, Episode 1, began with The Power of Fear [31:51]

  • I want to end the podcast by emphasizing The Power of YOU [32:38]

  • When we get in rest and repair mode, our body starts to work again [35:07]

  • This is not goodbye; there is still much work to be done in spreading the message to empower and inspire women! [39:11]

“The very body that feels broken is the very body that holds the key to the power of your health and healing. It’s right there. Reach out and claim it.”

Resources from the show:

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