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131: Comparing and Justifying Prevent Healing

Do you feel that you deserve to heal and feel better on your fertility journey? Do you feel like you deserve to be a mother and experience a healthier pregnancy? Do you feel like you deserve to grieve your losses and bring a baby home from the hospital? Of course, we say that we deserve these things, but the problem is that we battle an underlying feeling of unworthiness.

In this episode...

  • The qualifications we use to call ourselves “infertile” [3:20]

  • How we, as women, allow everyone else’s needs to be more important than our own [12:20]

  • When we don’t feel validated in our experience, we tend to look for validation from other people [17:00]

  • Why we feel like we deserve the “bad things,” but don’t deserve healing and support [24:16]

  • You don’t need to try to “figure out” if your pain is justified as compared with someone else’s [27:29]

You shouldn’t have to fight for the ability to grieve, honor your story, and heal. You ARE worth it, and you deserve to heal from grief and trauma. When was the last time you told yourself that?

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