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132: The Biggest Problem of Prenatal & Postpartum Care

This is the episode I didn’t want to do. I tried to avoid it, but I can’t. My feelings are prompted by what I’ve seen on social media posts and articles--and those have left an awful taste in my mouth. We have an epidemic in the US of healthcare providers not listening to women when they complain about their pain and what’s going on in their lives. People don’t listen, and they don’t trust what women say, but then they wonder why all these women’s health issues keep cropping up in spite of our advanced technology. I’m angry--and you should be, too. Let’s talk about it.

In this episode...

  • 99% of my clients have experienced being silenced, being ignored, or medical errors being made because they were not believed. [4:06]

  • In advocating for evidence-based solutions to women’s health issues, we can’t ignore the fact that every person’s body and experiences are different. [10:30]

  • We are only able to trust our instincts when we’re able to regulate our nervous system in scary situations. [22:16]

  • Regardless of your age, career, education, social status, or finances, YOU are the only expert on your body. [29:43]

  • Statistics are just big-picture guidelines, so you need to lead with your body and what it is telling you. [36:54]

In women’s health, providers understand the clinical side of data but ignore the lived-in experiences of women. We need more research, but your lived-in experiences matter way more than any study. Find a provider who respects your experiences and will let YOU lead.

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