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133: This is Trauma Live Event

The topic of trauma has hit home for me and our DM community. Stress, anxiety, and maternal mental health issues all have their roots in unresolved trauma. Trauma is simply a nervous system frozen in a state of danger, and it’s not tied to a specific event, but in how that event is encoded in your body. Let’s dive deeper!

In this episode...

  • Why it’s easy to minimize trauma, which has nothing to do with what you went through; it’s a nervous system frozen in a state of danger (1:12)

  • The crux of the trauma problem: When the nervous system is stuck, we cannot make conscious choices until it’s unfrozen (7:50)

  • Three stages of how we function when an event has been encoded as trauma: (12:15)

  • SurvivalCopingThrivingYour body can’t heal if it doesn’t feel safe, which is the key to reclaiming life and health (19:10)

  • We have to make changes in order to unfreeze our nervous system (25:54)

  • You deserve healing! (30:50)

  • Questions from event participants about therapist training, Healing Hearts membership, coping and trying again, and more (32:14)

Our bodies are not satisfied in illness and sickness, because they are created to heal.

Resources from the show:

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