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134: Why Nervous System Regulation is Essential for Optimal Prenatal & Postpartum Health

I’m asked frequently why I like to focus on bodywork and nervous system regulation. The simple answer is that I want to know (and I want you to know) not just how to cope, but how to not be affected by the anxiety that comes with life. When you’re affected by trauma, the truth is that it does not get better with time. Many people misunderstand nervous system regulation, so let’s talk about how this works and how this information can help you in the long run.

In this episode...

  • The truth is that time does NOT heal all wounds [3:57]

  • My goal is to counter the false beliefs that women are made to believe [6:24]

  • How the nervous system is the connection between all other systems in the body [6:55]

  • Why nervous system regulation is necessary in addition to all the other things you’re trying [16:40]

  • Body-based work is based on recent research and the understanding of neurobiology regarding stress [18:55]

  • How the things that are possible when you regulate your nervous system feel “like magic” [21:28]

  • Don’t stop at just coping, but learn to harness the power of your body to relieve the symptoms you have [23:59]

  • Nervous system regulation: what it is and what it isn’t [24:23]

  • Being able to regulate your nervous system is especially important in going through infertility, high-risk pregnancy, and preterm delivery [28:22]

  • Getting started with nervous system regulation means having an awareness of being in your body [33:10]

  • Biologically, when we have nervous system dysregulation, we cut off what we’re feeling inside [36:40]

  • We can teach our nervous system to handle stress by being aware of our sensations, being present with them, and allowing them to dissipate [38:35]

Changing your internal experiences can have a cascading positive effect on your health.

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