136: What Women Need to Know About Pregnancy Anxiety

Statistics show that approximately 6% of women experience anxiety during pregnancy, but I suspect that the percentage is actually much higher than that. This episode covers pregnancy anxiety, which is something I see a lot in my practice. Many women have questions about this topic, especially since it’s something that is frequently waved off and disregarded by healthcare providers. It’s a topic that’s close to my heart because I see a lot of outdated tools and techniques touted as the solution. The truth is that your physical body holds the key. Let’s jump into pregnancy anxiety together!

In this episode...

  • Part of the normal changes that occur during pregnancy is that your nervous system reactions are heightened, but having intrusive thoughts is not normal [5:35]

  • You need to recognize when anxiety becomes more than the standard biological shift that occurs with pregnancy [8:40]

  • The physical sensations are tied to a previous experience that made you feel unsafe [13:25]

  • Anxiety is just a symptom of nervous system dysregulation [16:34]

  • If there has been a history of trauma that is unresolved, most often anxiety is a nervous system dysregulation and NOT clinical anxiety [19:27]

  • Without a feeling of safety in your body, there’s not one tool, technique, or therapy that will stick [22:06]

  • Your thoughts are a terrible symptom of your nervous system dysregulation [23:51]

  • Once you feel safe in your body, you feel safe everywhere, even if you’ve had a terrible journey to this point [31:34]

  • The cure--the antidote--to all of this is to reconnect so you can feel safe again [33:49]]

  • Practice turning into your body and asking what your body needs right now [36:14]

  • You have to rebuild the foundation of what your body needs and reconnect with the sensations of your body [40:44]

  • The dysregulation in pregnancy that we experience as anxiety does not get better when your baby comes home [41:59]

  • We have to know where to look to address this dysregulation and know how to support the body [46:20]

  • You have to learn to identify your “alarm thoughts” vs. your “quiet voice” [47:22]

  • I love to see women get their power and control back again in the pregnancy experience [51:31]

  • The question to ask is, “Why is this happening?” [55:35] Your takeaways for this topic [56:48]

You have to learn to identify your “alarm thoughts” vs. your “quiet voice".

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