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How Much Do You Change After Infertility, Loss, High-Risk Pregnancy and Birth Trauma?

After having gone through infertility, a life-threatening loss, a very high-risk pregnancy, an extremely preterm delivery & months in the NICU, we were finally home.

I remember one day I was watching the first episode of Quantico (is that show still on?) & I saw the lead character disoriented & confused looking at the rubble all around her from a massive explosion. That visual was the perfect representation of how I felt. I didn't know where I was or who I was anymore after everything we'd been through or seen. My life felt like it had shattered into a million pieces & I didn't know where they all were anymore or if they even existed anymore.

I was convinced I was forever changed & the me before all of this was long gone.

Some things change, but some stay the same Yes, trauma from pregnancy loss, fertility treatment, pregnancy complications or having a preemie changes so much about you. You've learned an entirely new language that you likely didn't know before. You probably have a completely different appreciation for life. But you are still here.

The pre-explosion you, still exists. The you who still loves going on hikes or the smell of lavender in the spring. The you who cracks up at every Friends episode and lives for cheesecake from that particular bakery. The you who loves to bake for a friend who's sad or the you who loves to dive into new projects at work. Under the scars & wounds that need healing, you are still here. As you feel safe in your body & release the grief & trauma, you WILL find you again. A client told me the other day with a sigh that released a thousand tears, "Thank you for what you do. I never thought I'd find me again." "You had never left," I told her. You never left. The Healing Hearts program is opening in a few days but the early notice list is open. If you're done trying to conceive or will not be trying for a while, and are ready to release the unresolved trauma and grief so you can find you again, join us now!


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