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This Is Trauma: When Joy Feels Scary

One of the hardest lessons I learned after a long road of infertility, loss , high-risk pregnancy, preterm delivery and months in the NICU is that it's not over when baby comes home. I wanted to believe it so badly. Anything had to be better than fighting for his life. And yes, having him home was indescribably wonderful! But it didn't cure the anxiety, trauma, worries, guilt and grief I was still carrying. Having a baby at home never does.

Time does not heal, resolution heals When you hold on to unresolved trauma and grief from our family-building journey, the next phase of the journey is filled with fear still. It's hard to feel happy because what if you're not prepared for the next bad thing. It's impossible to feel at peace because you're bracing yourself for the other shoe to drop. You smile. You engage in life. You're grateful your baby is home. But you just don't feel true, deep joy or peace. And you just don't feel like you.

That is unresolved trauma. That is unresolved grief.

That does not go away with time but it can go away when you release it from your body. This is what I can help you with. Doors have opened to The Whole Story program. By clicking there, you can also watch the free Modern Approach to Trauma and Grief Release Webinar where I review how grief and trauma gets stuck, why your efforts to release it haven't been working as well as the details of The Whole Story program and show you how to sign up.

Can't wait to see you on the inside!

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